What is mermaid?

Mermaiding is the practice of swimming while wearing a costume mermaid tail. Mermaiding is both a profession and a hobby. Learning how to swim like a mermaid requires instruction, patience and resolve. By utilizing the “Dolphin Kick” method, one can quickly learn the motion that our underwater friends use to get around the ocean. The streamline, non-impact motion that is taught is a very efficient and quick way to swim. Core muscle groups like: the lower and upper abs as well as the low back, are exercised while performing the dolphin kick.

This product is subject to specific safety warnings.

Not suitable for children under 6 years.Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

For Use only with Adult Supervision by Experienced Swimmers. Practice in a pool.

Do not use in high waves or rapid currents.

Not to be used as a Flotation Device.

Do not bounce on the tips, push off pool walls because the monofin can break so please be careful.

All Abyss Mermaid Products are intented for recreational purposes and are to be used only by confident and competent swimmers.

All children should be carefully monitored and under constant adult supervision.

The buyer/user assumes all responsibility for the proper, safe and legal use of all Abyss mermaid products.

Before you kick off, make sure you watch these important safety videos on our site.

Please never leave your Tail in the direct sun. If you are going to leave your Tail outside to dry, leave it in the shade.

Do no try to stand on your Tail on the ground or on the bottom of the pool.

Try not to scrape your Tail against anything sharp or rough.

Do not stand up or hop in your Mermaid Tail (the material fiber can rip, tear or fade)

Here are the important steps you need to master before swimming with a tail Mermaid.

Float for 30 seconds: It’s important to be able to relax and rest safely in the water if you are tired.
Swirl: Being able to turn around, keep control and be comfortable in the water.
Swim 25 meters: Being able to swim and breathe properly without assistance.
Swimming dolphin on your front : This is the basic movement needed for swimming with a mermaid tail. Swimmers must imperatively master it before they wear a mermaid tail.
Swimming dolphin on your back: Swimmers must imperatively master it before they wear a mermaid tail.